• Schools visit CLaP3C

    An authentic experience of creative learning

    The Creative Learning and Play Centre for Children - Cyprus (CLaP3C) announces the start of its
    Educational School Visits Programme for the academic year 2017-2018. The Centre focuses on interesting, original and creative topics often drawn from World Day topics.
    As an example we can suggest topics inspired by:

    •  world snow day and world polar bear day
    • world maths day, world story telling day, international children’s book day
    •  world kite flying day, world consumer day,
    •  international ice cream day,
    •  world egg day
    •  universal children’s day, and Children’s Rights day,

    We also offer seasonal and festive topics based on Christmas, Easter and Spring.

    During the visit children will have the opportunity to participate in and with Science and/or Mathematics activities and games, interactive story telling, and enjoy free play at our various learning centres. The programme is theme-based and based on this multiple learning objectives are targerted, e.g. language development, play through art, healthy choices, the environmental. It is a truly UNIQUE EXPERIENCE for children!

    Programme duration: 2 hours
    Children’s ages: 3-10 years (the programmes are differentiated based on the age and number of participating children)
    Maximum number of participant children: 55
    Maximum number of participant children each day: 110 children (2 groups of 55)
    Days reserved for Educational School Visits: Tuesday andThursday
    Cost: 4 Euros/child