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    The modern view of active learning.

    Developing a culture of creative learning and play through mathematical activities

    The perception of active learning is no longer limited to learning where children learn doing things with their hands. According to Martinez & Stager [1], modern classes are those where Head, Hands, Heart are of equal value.

    Participants in the workshop will have the opportunity to get a dose of this learning through monitoring activities with children, participating in activities, and presenting results from applications to groups of children at the Center.

    Participation fee: EUR 15 per adult

    * Teachers who will participate can be accompanied by a child aged 4.5-8. The children accompanying adults will engage in creative learning and game activities.

    [1] Martinez, S. L., & Stager, G. (2013). Invent to learn: Making, tinkering, and engineering in the classroom. Torrance, CA: Constructing a modern knowledge press.