• Creative morning sessions for kids

    Come and spend your day creative

    The Center is open for Creative Morning sessions without the adult escort:

    • during the holiday season of Christmas,
    • during the Easter holiday season,
    • on school holidays
    • after the end of the school year until the beginning of the Summer School,
    • end of August and beginning of September, until the beginning of the school year
    • and on local holidays (in consultation with the Parents' Associations of schools).

    Children have the opportunity to spend a creative morning under the supervision of the center's educational staff by engaging them in free play and structured thematic and cross-sectional modules.

    During the session, children are involved in organized activities, visual arts, they are given the opportunity for creative constructions, problem solving and explorations, group games, storytelling fairy tales, and more ...

    Indicative program:

    07.30-08.00: Welcoming of children
    07.30-09.30: Free Play
    09.30-10.00: Breakfast
    10.00-12.00: Organized activities and free play
    12.00-13.30: Free Play
    13.30-15.30: Departure of children
    13.30- 14.00: Lunch (OPTIONAL)
    13.30-15.30: Free and structured play
    Ages: 4.5-9 years
    Working hours: 7.30-15.30
    Daily attendance cost: € 10
    Lunch (optional-daily): € 5
    Children should have water, breakfast and fruit with them.
    * The program may change

    Previous Creative Morning Sessions

    3rd, 13th and 21st of November 2017